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In this age of mindless rhymes celebrating the bling-bling life-style, Orlando's Swamburger proudly continues the tradition of intellectual pursuit and consciousness set forth by the likes of Tribe, De La Soul, and Digable Planets. His positive vibes and thought provoking lyrics break from the current stale and shallow norm that is mainstream hip-hop. The distinct and unique production that backs his vocal musings place Swamburger in a class by himself, far away from the copy-cat producers who steal ideas and beats from the flavor of the moment.

Known to his mom as Asaan Harazshi Brooks, Swamburger was born and raised in Chicago, before relocating to Orlando. He quickly became an integral member of the 8th Dimension family, working with DJ BMF. Together they released "S.W.A.M. (Survival With A Mind)", which was licensed for inclusion on Urb Magazine's 2000 CD compilation. The success of their debut collaboration led to "Steel Contraption" and "Prepare", which appeared on DJ Spinna's "Beat Suite" Mix CD.

After critical and commercial success with BMF, Swam starting work with Beef Wellington, writing and rhyming on Beef Wellington's "Feel Fantabulous" album. Returning the favor, Beef Wellington produced "9-5 Poortrait", Swamburger's solo 12" outing and the lead single from "The Roots of Kin". Released at the end of 2002, the single continues to be a favorite of underground DJs and club-goers.

Dropping on July 1, 2003 on 8th Dimension Records and distributed by Caroline, "The Roots of Kin" is already receiving enormous hype. A 21st century renaissance man and artist in every sense of the word, Swamburger is a skilled visual artist as well, and his original art work graces his debut full length. A resident in a city more often thought of for corporate artistry and the marketing of childhood fantasy, Asaan Harazshi Brooks has risen above. Now it is time for the world to hear his message.

Roots of Kin